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Because of this experience, ideas and dedication, he made quality product for people.
From separate segments (science, art, design, hobbies…)
Over 20 years of expirience, satisfied users are just some of the proof of quality. So we continue to follow in his footsteps…

The ultimate tool for artistic expression

Welcome to the internet presentation of Clay World, the largest producer of art materials in Serbia for: school and preschool institutions amateurs and artists.

On these pages, we will introduce you to the unique world of aesthetic possibilities and artistic expression that are possible thanks to our company. Everything we do?

From the birth of the idea, including technological development, testing and collaboration with artists, we work with our hearts. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed making them.

PurPur technology was founded in 1997 and since then has become the leading manufacturer of modeling clay and modeling clay in this part of Europe. The idea was to create a complete ecological product, non-toxic and therefore adequate for all ages and applications.

Especially for school and preschool children. This resulted in the creation of a new unique concept of new polymer clay, which opened the way to the formation of a whole range of products that can be used in art as well, as a dedicated aid in education.

Our products can be found in a wide range of jobs, from art and hobby to education promotion and construction. By constantly developing our technology, we increase the production of molding compounds as well as all other products, constantly expanding our market.

Our team

Others about us:

Angenia creations, sculpture artist in Italy

I like Papa’s clay because, when baked, it is very resilient and elastic. Therefore, it allows me to play more with the composition and the use of very thin sheets. Papa’s clay is very easy to work with and I can easily shape textures with it as well as color it.

Dr um. Davor Dukić, docent of FLU in Belgrade

SculpturePro, sculpting plasticine is one of the rare, high-quality and affordable products on our market that is available to us artists and modeling professionals. Most of the smaller and medium-sized sculptures are made using SculpturePro because it allows for the shaping of delicate details and is structurally a very stable material, which does not change its physical properties. Thanks to that, I am not limited by the time of working on the sculpture and the drying of the material. My sincere recommendation for anyone who wants to improve their modeling work!

Diana archidee, art professor and designer of polymer clay jewelry

I like Papa’s Clay first of all because it is easy to shape – it is not sticky, it has an irresistible and unique texture and I can shape it without gloves. In addition, no fingerprints remain on the surface. The colors are vivid and the proportions remain the same even after baking. All these properties of Papa’s Clay polymer clay make it easier for me to make jewelry of the most diverse designs. It is easy to paint, so I can add the final details – even the smallest ones – after heat treatment.

Marko Lovrenski, polymer clay artist

I find that Papa’s clay is easily conditioned with bright colors even after firing. It does not get dirty and even after 15 minutes of baking it remains flexible but durable. It absorbs and holds a variety of colors well, has no allergens and I find it’s great even for those with sensitive skin.

Mia Miha, sculptor

I love working with Papa’s clay because it is moldable. I love its perfectly paintable texture.

Ginger Davis Allman

One of the most famous teachers and connoisseurs of polymer clay in the world, Ginger Davis Allman, evaluates “Papa’s clay” clay in his tutorial, placing our product among the 7 most famous brands in the world. You can read her opinion HERE.